The Key to Cost Savings in Long-Term Care

AI-Powered Workforce Management

Jobwise is the first solution to help LTC employers save millions of dollars by optimizing your workforce with AI—cutting agency, overtime, over-staffing, churn, and time spent on scheduling and call-offs.


LTC providers are bleeding cash

  • Healthcare employers spend $70 Billion/year on excess labor
  • Employees are churning at all-time rates due to burnout and lack of equitable staffing
  • Stakeholders don't have access to the data necessary to make informed labor decisions

All the tools that you need

We put the tools in your hands and empower you to manage your workforce. It’s time to save and reallocate millions of dollars to other important areas of your business.

AI Scheduling

Save hours every day with automated schedule creation and assignment, call-off management, overtime spend optimization, and more.

SMS Platform

Communicate with your whole team from a single inbox. You’ll receive a dedicated phone number for your facility to text employees—whatever the reason may be!

Staff Management

Manage everything from time tracking to meal remedies to expiring credentials. We give you the tools to keep your staff happy and qualified.

Agency Brokerage

When you’ve done all you can and are still short-staffed, communicate with your agency partners, and we’ll help recommend the best temp workers so you can protect your bottom line.

Integrate with your existing process

Connect your HRIS and scheduling tools to streamline data and automate your temporary hiring processes.


Free mobile app for workers

Employees can take advantage of the Jobwise mobile app to track time, manage schedules, and more. Allow your team to simplify for free today.