Revolutionizing Contract Labor

We’re on a mission

At Jobwise™, we are on a mission to revolutionize the $93 billion long-term care industry by transforming how skilled nursing and assisted living facilities manage their most significant variable expense—-labor. Leveraging advanced AI technologies, our platform enables operators to significantly reduce agency and overtime costs, automate scheduling and call-off management, and finely tune labor expenses to meet per-patient-day (PPD) and per-resident-day (PRD) objectives. We also provide dynamic, data-driven insights to guide managerial decisions and optimize performance.

Furthermore, Jobwise™ introduces unprecedented tools for advanced resource forecasting and standardized workforce time reporting for Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) requirements, setting new industry standards.

Jobwise™ is pioneering the creation of the most advanced AI-powered workforce management platform, beginning right here in Utah. We have attracted world-class investors such as NFX and the creators of Zillow, Lyft, DoorDash, and Trulia. Our innovative platform is rapidly expanding, marking the beginning of a new era in workforce management.

How we work

Our Core Values

They are few, but they are mighty. From creating processes to decision-making and recruiting, we build our four core values into everything we do.

Live Golden

It’s simple—be the example you want to see in the world with everything you do, and everyone you interact with.

Seek Kaizen

There is no finish line. Continuously learn and improve with new data and feedback as it becomes available. Always strive to be better.

Be a Founder

Everyone has equal opportunity to make an impact. Innovate, collaborate, take risks, and take ownership.

Enjoy the Journey

Work hard, play hard. We celebrate the successes and the failures along the way and focus on a culture of fun and teamwork.

5 stars

“I’ve never worked in a place that’s so fast-moving and so fun at the same time.”

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