Authorization for JobWise Access to STARS

By agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions, I, the User, am authorizing Training Masters, Inc., located at 3314 Market St Suite 301, St, Camp Hill, PA 17011 (hereinafter the “Training Masters” or “Company”), to allow JobWise Ventures, Inc., located at 3400 N Ashton Blvd Suite 440, Lehi, UT 84043, (“JobWise”) to access my School’s information contained in the STARS system.

I, the User, on behalf of the School hereby authorize JobWise to obtain, share, release, discuss, and otherwise provide to JobWise, public and nonpublic student academic information contained in or related to the STARS system and the School. This information may include, but is not limited to the name, address, telephone number, home address, academic records, and other personal information of students, staff, and faculty, contained in the STARS system.

Training Masters makes no representations, and does not warrant, cyber security protocols for data collection storage practices of JobWise. Breaches, hacks, misuse, leaks, or other unauthorized use of data is solely the responsibility of JobWise. By signing this authorization, the School hereby releases and holds harmless Training Masters, from all damages and injuries caused by the unauthorized use or misuse of data accessed by JobWise. Training Masters also has no responsibility or liability for what JobWise does with such information.

This third-party authorization is valid when digitally agreed to by an employee or agent of the School authorized to sign on behalf of the School and will remain valid until written revocation is received by Training Masters. This third-party authorization will not prevent, nor prohibit, Training Masters from contacting the School directly. Training Masters may continue to contact the School directly except in limited circumstances, such as when the School is represented by an attorney. The School may continue to contact Training Masters at any time.

I, the User, authorize JobWise to access student academic information, and I authorize JobWise to access private school information.

JobWise represents that: (i) the information provided above is true and correct, (ii) JobWise accepts authorization to access the information, as authorized by the School, and (iii) JobWise takes full responsibility for the security of data accessed on behalf of the School.